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Text Cut: Daisy
Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Daisy shook Conley's hand. "I'd love a drink just as long as it has no alcohol in it. I had a small amount on my 18th birthday this past July and it didn't agree with me. Er..are these type of events common at the Ministry?"

Conley reached for what appeared to be a ginger ale mixed with blackberries and had a sprig of lavender sticking out of it. He’d seen his fiancé drink something like it before and figured it had to be a decent mocktail. Passing it over to Daisy, he smiled. 18 years old? Lord, he felt so old. Did he look that old? ”Alcohol can take a little getting used to and is best done in small doses.” And now he sounded like a grandfather giving a lecture. Great… Thankfully Daisy asked a question so Conley could sound less like an old fart and more like an informed person. ”Things of this.” he waved a hand around the room. ”Nature aren’t the usual. But the ministry usually does something for our employees in January. Last year, we had a bowling tournament. But it’s only the turn of a century once in a hundred years. Seemed like a good excuse to throw a gala.” They were a little more common for Conley as he was expected to accompany the Minster when he went on formal visits to other countries, but as exciting as that may sound, they were usually quite dull and stuffy.
Text Cut: Sachin <3
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Sachin had arrived after Conley for reasons but the Ambassador was here, nevertheless. He had gotten himself a drink and afterwards, tried to get to the silent auction. Tried being the key word here because he happened to run into quite a few friends: other Ambassadors and persons whom he knew from the British Ministry. It was one of the Brits he happened to be chatting with, absently tapping the ring on his left hand, when he saw Conley with the Minister. Sachin tried not to stare at Conley because really… the Department Head really did look extra handsome in that suit. Then again, Sachin had done a good job picking out said suit.

As Daisy and the minister chatted, Conley’s gaze swept the room. His eyes landed on Sachin and he head to hide a small smile by taking a sip of his drink. Conley was certain he would be able to pick Sachin out of a crowd of a million. There was something about the man that drew Conley to him like the poles drew a compass point. However, knowing the Minister was nearby, Conley shifted his gaze away and found his gaze lingering on Alexa. He fought the urge to sigh or frown and took another sip of his wine. Reports of visa and identity thefts hadn’t gone away since he had attempted to talk to Alexa about it. In fact, the reports have seemed to increase. And at some point, Conley was going to have to be the bigger person and go talk to her…again. Maybe this time, it wouldn’t end with them both wanted to hex the other person.


Text Cut: Ryder
Originally Posted by Fireheart View Post
Ryder Medina was not a huge fan of social gatherings. Sure, he enjoyed hanging out with his close friends every once in awhile. But large, formal occasions? Definitely not his thing, especially when he didn't know anyone. He figured it would probably look pretty bad if he didn't show up though, taking into consideration that he was a brand new hire. Brushing his hand over his navy blue suit as he entered the atrium, he took in the scene. Not really knowing what else to do, he grabbed a glass of champagne. It seemed like everyone else was eating or drinking something anyway. Shoving his other hand in his pocket, he headed toward the outskirts of the room. He supposed he would have to introduce himself to some coworkers at some point this evening.

”Alréady 'eadeng fair le shadows?” Valentin asked as a gentleman walked past him. Sure-lee zumone as 'andzum as you camé wiv an escort?”The French Ambassador had been roaming around the room, glass of champagne in hand and frankly he was quite bored. As the young man had passed, Vale couldn’t help but notice his handsome features looked a bit dour. ” Zumone to dance wiv?” he waved his empty hand towards the dance floor. Valentin was, by nature a shameless flirt. It of course, only made things more amusing to him that the gentleman he was bantering with looked a little bit uncomfortable in this environment.


Adam was sporting a new look. A fresh emerald green suit (with a pair of socks that matched), and big black horned-rimmed glasses with lenses like coke-bottles. He would have rather not worn them, as they gave him an immense headache, but the healers had insisted he had to give himself time to adjust. So here he was, alone, looking like a giant bug. He patted his inner jacket pocket where his support cane was stashed just in case he needed it.

He had mentioned the event to Zita, but after last year’s bowling fiasco, he would be very, very surprised if she came. There was also the fact that he didn’t know if they were dating or just friends or what. Every time he tried to discuss it, something seemed to prevent them from discussing it further. He had a feeling she was over him, if she had even ever been interested in the first. But he wasn’t exactly sorry that he wasn’t the type to jump into things. No, Adam hadn’t even realized he liked her that way until a month or two ago.

So solo, and extremely hard of seeing, Adam ventured into the Atrium. He just hoped the night wouldn’t end with him covered in pudding.

Text Cut: Mariana
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Did someone say silent auction? Mariana was most looking forward to that, talk of what had been discovered at Hogwarts still fresh in her mind. It had been scary enough when they'd gone, nearly losing several members of the small team in the mist. She couldn't imagine having been there when the children had been uncovered. It broke her heart. Honestly, anything she could do to help support getting that school back up and running was something she could get behind.

Moving past the fountain, the botanist offered a friendly smile to the few people she knew and headed for the long tables that housed the different items she could bid on.

He had kept to the outsides of the room, as they were less cluttered looking and had headed towards a table. Because surely a table would have food or drinks on it, right? Only as he neared, he didn’t smell anything food or drink related. Adam pulled the big coke bottle glasses off his face and rubbed at his eyes for a moment as he fought with the frustration that was trying to overtake him. He was finding that he was more often getting frustrated and depressed and he knew he needed to fight the feelings. His eyesight would come back, at least to a functioning level. He had to keep telling himself that.

He put his glasses back on and noticed a young lady nearby. ”Excuze me, can vou point me tovards zee food table?” he asked in his heavy German accent.

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