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Default Open post but also we said hi to Dante ^0^
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Jonathan considered not making it to today's party because last night he didn't feel well. After 2 cups of tea and some honey he woke up feeling so much better and ready. Besides it has been awhile since he last stepped foot in the ministry-- he was rather excited about going to back to work. For now, of course it's time to meet new people, enjoy and eat some good food.

Jonathan made his way inside the and walked towards the table first. His eyes wandered in the array of food set on the table. Plus he heard that there will be an auction for later... and how fun is that going to be? He is still thinking about what he could purchase.

He was walking around the room and found the items that will be auctioned for today. Jonathan took a deep breath and just when he was about to move back he heard the man(Dante) next to him mumble. He didn't hear much of it nor he minded it at all. Jonathan looked at him and gave a welcoming smile. Yeah, why not. "Are you joining the auction for later?" he asked.
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