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Giovanni was delighted to hear that the Ministry was holding a centennial celebration. Now what did centennial mean again? He should ask his sister once he got back home, she was a walking dictionary. He walked slipped into the room, wearing a dark red suit he had bought just for the event. He carefully observed the atrium. They had certainly transformed this place. Platinum balloons and streamers, blimey. Imagine this was the decor from now on. It would certainly be interesting.

He noticed that there was a bid going on. He observed the items carefully. He didn't fill the form though. Those stuff were just a waste of money. What were the odds you could win anything? Another thing to ask his sister; she was the genius of the family after all.


Katrina didn't exactly want to attend this 'Cetennial Celebration', whatever that meant. It meant she had to socialise, and she hated socialising. She came anyway, as she thought it would be impolite if she didn't, with her being a new employee as well. She decided she would keep socialising to a minimum though, with a few talks now and again; she didn't want to come across as rude. She slipped into the atrium in a sparkly red dress that reached her ankles. She wore a white belt at her waist and beautiful white shoes to match.

She noticed the bidding and immediately took a form and filled it in. She was the kind of person that loved these stuff. She bidded for a lot of the things on the form. Once she was done, she slipped the form into the enchanted box. After that, she decided to walk around a bit. She kept to the outskirts of the room. Because she was not looking at where she was going, she ended up bumping into someone (Ryder) who seemingly had the same mindset of not wanting to be here. "Es tut-", she started off in German, and then realised that this was the British Ministry of Magic. She quickly added, "I'm so zorry." Her German accent appeared a bit there as she was speaking.
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