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"We didn't do this," Phoebe offered her free hand in a sort of shrug, since she was still holding tight to Ilya. Did they see the three of them? They were precious beans, and Noble would help them work it all out. Nothing bad would happen. "We're investigating who did this. Professor Noble is teaching us forensics, and we're looking for clues."

She tucked herself in against Eiji as protection, pulling Ilya with her. "This boy is lying. I got here first, and I forgot my wand, so I didn't do it, and then Ilya came, then Eiji, so it wasn't Eiji. And the scorches are cold, so it's been a while and we had class, and this boy is a liar. I bet he did it. He has a liar face. I would know, because I'm a detective." She nodded emphatically. Also he was ugly and stupid and French.

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