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Airey Flamsteed was having serious flashbacks this evening. This was not the first time he was being put up for auction in this manner and he still wasn't entirely sure what had possessed him into agreeing to it again. Perhaps it was the different setting and the fact that the previous stint had been over a decade ago? Though it was interesting that the purpose was, yet again, to assist Hogwarts.

Only all that was complete rubbish and he knew precisely why he had willingly volunteered when the Minister had sought for volunteers.

Donning one of his white suits for the occasion, the Mysteries head decided to grab himself a bubbly before making his way around to the auction tables to see all the wares properly. He had not fully been a part of the discussion there, being far too busy with other matters to pay this portion of the planning much mind. He supposed Medea would finish her mingling and be around to encourage the bidding soon enough.


Charles Hollingberry was positively over the MOON this evening. The man was almost always a jovial one when it came to public appearances, but tonight he was exceptionally so. The start of a new working year at the Ministry as well as the turn of the century? It truly was a monumental moment and the Ministry hosting a gala for a good cause truly the icing on the cake. While the Hogwarts situation still needed to find his official resolve, he had been mulling over an idea or two that he wished to run by Kendra involving some modifications to emergency portkeys. But not this evening.

Upon making a quick stop by the silent auction tables and placing more than a few bets of his own, the Minister meandered his way back over to the arrival area to greet the arrivals.

"Conley, good to see you my boy," he greeted the man with two firm hands on either one of his shoulders as his twinkling blue eyes next fell on the young woman beside him. "And a good evening to you as well, Miss Swan."

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