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Aesha heard the shouting (not because her ears were exceptional, but because it was quite loud). It took every bit of self restraint she had to wipe the smirk off her face before running towards the arena. She was breathless upon arrival (partially due to dramatic flair) and took a moment to take in the scene before her. It was not disappointing.

"I KNEW IT!" she pointed a finger at the students inside. "I knew they were trying to sabotage our ball!" Not that Aesha had planned on attending the ball in the first place. It had presented the perfect opportunity to have the potions laboratory all to herself.

Narrowing her eyes, she moved her finger to point at the one older student in the room [sweetpinkpixie]. "I bet it was his idea." Because they had some unfinished business. Some may call it petty revenge for an insignificant incident during rose garden yoga. Aesha called it Karma.
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