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She didn't hear the screaming.

It was her desire to have another look at the ball's decorations, do a final count off and ensure it was all good before having the ball committee come in and move everything down to the Grand Ballroom that brought one Giselle Desmarais to the arena and what she saw there...oooohhhhh Merlin.

There was the shrillest of shrieks, one that could curdle milk and get your blood running cold. A murder? Ah, but the little girl did not know how right she was.

The Headmistress's heart pounded furiously in her chest and for a moment her head began to spin. It was all too much. She couldn't...why would they....? It was enough to make someone faint--but not her. No. The shock was quickly replaced by a fury so all encompassing that it caused the woman to shake.

"What 'ave you done????" She demanded, horror and anger vying for top spot. "You 'orrible children! I've 'ad enough! Zhis...zhis will NOT go unpunished!!! I want to know 'oo iz responsible and I want to know NOW. Where ar' zhe rest of you??? Did you do zhis on your own??" WHY WOULD THEY RUIN THE BALL?????? It had been months of planning!!

Hardly thinking, the woman drew her wand and cast a sonorus. "MALACHI TRENT, COME GET YOUR STUDENTS!!" Before she did. He would hear here. It was loud enough. He would definitely hear her.
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