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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
LOOK, WHERE? Fletcher almost spun around to attack whatever Dunk was wanting him to look at. Reflexes, ya know. He still had 'em. But what they were looking at... was just an ordinary old fountain, to Fletcher. Sure, he had memories of this thing, but to a kid, this was like a whole new world. Fletcher had forgotten that it even changed colors.

He chuckled and tried to relax a little. "Yeah, all right," he murmured, letting go of his son's hand so he could check out the fountain. But only if he WALKED and did not RUN and SPLIT HIS HEAD OPEN. "Take it easy, now. I don't want you falling in."

Merlin, did he sound like his own dad or what? Thank goodness Jessa was not here. She'd probably be laughing at him. Meanwhile, Fletcher might mosey over to look at some of the flowers... come to think of it, she might like it if he took some home...
As soon as dad let go of his hand, Duncan was jumping on the cobblestone, legs moving as if independent from his body to try and hit the floor quickly and perhaps the fountain would do something else?? BOING BOING BOING, he kept moving up towards the fountain, totally forgotten about his dad behind me for the moment. The fountain just kept changing color shades, granted it was so beautiful but nothing extraordinary happened.

Aw. Duncan pushed his hair away from his face and forehead. He climbed on the ledge, grinning at the water splashing him a little. "Dad, look!" Again. Now, though, Duncan meant his father should see him run around the fountain SO FAST without falling. He was doing it! His arms shot out on his sides for balance, and his rather long hair was already wet with the fountain water, but he was proud he got this right. Duncan decided to take it up a notch and maybe try to CLIMB the fountain to the top where the water came out??
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