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■■■ future
______ early 20's | lawyer and student
When she'd look back at this period of her life, Q wondered if she'd actually remember anything that happened during this hellish year.

It's not enough that she was born in the wizarding world but belonged to the muggle one. It's not enough that she couldn't let either go completely. She had to actively make her life a living hell trying to prove she was capable of simultaneously being both halves of herself at any point.

Her law degree had been a raging success. Top marks, best vocational training, nice people around her. She was smart and she knew her stuff and she was a rising star.

But Q was a squib, which meant that she'd only ever be half a star. To be a full star, Q needed to be well versed in Magical Law as well. Because of course.

Infuriated with herself, Q stared miserably down at the Wizengamot Veela vs Vampire case of 1879 and almost sobbed. She couldn't have been happy with muggle law, complicated enough as it is. She'd just had to secure a prolonged miserable future for herself as well.

Typical Q.
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