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Originally Posted by GD2204 View Post
With a small sigh of relief, Ewan continued to pluck the strings of his instrument, a small smile appearing on his face now as he relaxed a little more. One of Ewan’s many gifts was to let certain things drop. Out of sight, out of mind. He may have a long memory but he knew when to move on and when to forgive.

“Nope, I haven’t sorry, although I think someone else is around somewhere” (Carsyn) Seeing her eye the instrument, he smiled “this is my favourite instrument. I play it when I want to relax and just zone out. Do you play?” holding out the ukulele towards her now. He really wasn’t sure if she played or not but a friend could offer, right?

What was the saying, ask and you shall receive? Just as if he’d been summoned with an accio charm, here was Gunnar. “S’up Gunnar”. Not wanting to bother the older boy who was obviously there to practice, he turned his attention back to Chloe, a slight look of curiosity on his face now as he wondered if Gunnar knew that Chloe had kissed him. Would he still give him a nod? Not likely.

Well that was alright, he had to be somewhere around this school, she would find him at some point. When Ewan went back to his instrument she just watched before shaking her head, "Nah, Gunnar got all that talent. He plays the piano really well. It's amazing to listen to him." She always enjoyed hearing her brother play.

"How long have..." before she could finish the sentence someone else had entered the room and smiling she realized it was the very person she had been looking for, but now, now she was actually talking with Ewan, so she didn't want to interrupt that. "Hey Gunnar" smiling she watched her brother head to his spot, maybe they would get to hear some of his music.

Her eyes going back to her friend she looked at his instrument, "anyway, how long have you played?"
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