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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

"I do not mind in the least," he assured her with a bit of dramatic flair, which mostly meant that he was bending over slightly at the waist and with a casual wink before proceeding beyond her chair and making his way over towards the counter. "I'll take a peek at their offerings and see what speaks to me."

For some reason, he was thinking peach. Or perhaps blackberry.

Gets himself a black coffee, something to balance the sweetness of the blackberry cream cheese danishes he had for himself and Victoria, and promptly returns to her table.

"I have myself a fair few new neckties courtesy of my grandchildren," he mused while stroking the one laying neatly down his dress shirt - one that had little dragons and dragon eggs that would occasionally breathe fire or hatch when you poked them. "I stopped writing my own Christmas list many many moons ago. Have the big extended family reunion in Japan for New Years to get through next, though I do look forward to that. Chance to see my sons for longer than a mirror call." He lifted his coffee and took a careful sip, the steam tickling his nostrils. "How have you been?"

Had she watched him walk away? Maybe, but she wouldn't be obvious about that. She was still messing with her things when he approached the table with the food. "Oh that looks good." She had been a bit hungry though she would have been fine with coffee had he not offered.

With his words her eyes lifted to his neck, seeing the dragons she smiled a little. "That is very sweet of them. I bet you have drawers full of ties at home. I get the impression your grandchildren spoil you as much as you spoil them." She could just picture them all together in her head and the image made her smile. There was something about Charles that made it easy to picture him with a house full of kids. Taking a bite of her food as she listened to his plans for New Years and nodding. She didn't have any plans and fully figured she would spend the last hours of this year sleeping in her bed.

"I'm doing better I guess." There wasn't any reason to sugar coat it with Charles. "After the service, I took the girls and we went to Brazil for a visit. We have friends that live there. I feel like it helped the girls to get away for a bit. It gave me a chance to do something thinking and well it was part of the reason I asked you to meet me here." Picking up her coffee and taking a sip she wanted to get her thoughts together.

"I think, well, I've been thinking that it might be time to start considering retirement in the upcoming year." She had nothing officially planned yet, but it was just thoughts she wanted his opinion on.
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