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....Once you've found something you like...

Let it be known that one James Eiji Rasting was very proficient at following directions. He never truly actively sought to 'stick it to the man' or whatever other phrasing his peers would call it. Doing so often took far more energy than just doing what you were told in the first place, but when the headmaster presenting instructions in that light, well, it was easy to follow instructions on the Slytherin's own terms.

Couldn't participate if he couldn't find something he liked, right?

Sauntering into the changing room after signing in, Eiji put on the appearance of scrutinizing the available options. Seeing as he hated dress robes in general, it was easy to write them all off as things which he 'did not like'. Therefore, the fifth year moved into a corner of the changing room and simply sat down.

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