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Oh. He had been wrong.

He hated being wrong.

Which dictated his disappointment in the topic more so than the topic itself.

So the first step was to rid himself of his agitation for his lack of ability in reading the setup. Settling his quill in his hand, the fifth year took to labeling his parchment with 'Forensic Potioneering' and leaned back in his seat a bit. Grandpa had given him and Missa a tour of the Ministry over the summer and they had even been able to peek into the forensic labs of both Magical Law Enforcement and Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. Pity the Slytherin's attention had been completely divided and he had paid the areas little to no mind while they were whisked through them and grandpa rubbed elbows with employees while showing off his 'precious pea of a grandson' and his 'lovely as a lily girlfriend'. Those parts he had purposefully tuned out. But mostly his thoughts had been dazed and inebriated thanks to the Liquid Luck he had taken that morning after breakfast.

Someone had to make sure that he and Missa's commandeering of grandpa's Pensieve went off without a hitch.

But...anyway. Forensic Potioneering. What did he know? Remarkably a fair bit and not just from TV shows and books. So, why not. He supposed he could raise his hand and offer up something for once.

"The word itself, forensic, derives from the Latin forēnsis which translates to 'of or before the forum'. This traces back to Roman times where those criminally charged were beseeched to present the case before group of public individuals in the forum. Both the accused and the accuser would give speeches based on their sides of the story, just as we see in the Wizengamot today," he explained casually, almost in the same tone he would were he describing the weather. "This origin illustrates the source of the two modern usages of the word forensic. Once being the form of evidence and the other as a category of public presentation. Though, as my peers have illustrated, it is now mostly associated with forensic science. DNA, toxicology, fingerprints...these sorts of subjects." There were numerous subdivisions within forensics, after all. Though his favorite had always been toxicology.

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