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SPOILER!!: Greetings!
SPOILER!!: Claudine
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
"Professor,'' Claudine said quietly, and by way of greeting. It was about a half of the way into the academic year and by now, all of her professors would have learnt that this Slytherin did not talk much... unless it was absolutely necessary. As she moved further into the classroom to take a seat, she paid no attention to anything but the ink, quills and paper. Claudine felt a dull sense of panic creep up on her.

Had she forgotten about some sort of quiz they were to be having?

Now seated, the Snakette took out her books. A hasty revision wouldn't hurt, would it?

Noble smoothed down his robes, and took a long sip of coffee from his travel mug whilst he waited for the students to arrive. The first to enter was one of the quiet Slytherins, and he nodded at her greeting. “Claudine,” he responded, noting her gaze fixed on the supplies in front of him. She had nothing to worry about. Probably.
SPOILER!!: Kaiser
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Months later and Kaiser still wasn't totally sure how on earth he had managed that Exceeds Expectations in his Potions OWL. It was apparently not a mistake, so he'd either completely fluked it or only just about scraped it, or both. Not that he doubted his abilities in the actual brewing, but the theory? Essays? Properties of ingredients? The importance of clockwise versus anti-clockwise stirring depending on the situation? Lost on him.

Except that apparently it wasn't, according to his OWL grade. Wild.

Reflecting on this, as he did most times he headed to this particular lesson, Kaiser entered the Potions classroom looking the complete opposite of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. So, basically, the same as he looked every other day.

"Professor," he mumbled his customary one-word greeting, as he took a place at one of the work benches. Kaiser eyed the materials at the front of the class, and couldn't stop himself from pulling a face. Had he brought his cauldron along for nothing? Was Noble springing a last minute theory lesson on them? Or were they maybe brewing something to do with whatever that clear liquid was? Maybe it was invisible ink or something.

Or maybe this was for real a theory lesson, in which case... ugh.

…and another quiet Slytherin soon followed, though the face he pulled probably spoke volumes louder than words. An amused smile briefly graced Noble’s lips. “Good day to you too, Kaiser.”
SPOILER!!: Fiona
Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Fiona greeted Professor Noble with, "Hello Professor," as she made her way to a seat. As she looked down, her heart caught in her throat. Had she missed some vital study sessions? How she hated quizzes/exams! She swallowed and hoped that the lesson wouldn't be torture.

It was certainly interesting that the Slytherins seemed to arrive earlier nowadays than they had tended to at Hogwarts, where their common room was decidedly closer. “Hello, Fiona,” he replied as he watched the next first year Snake wander in and take a seat. Should he be concerned about the nervous look that crossed her face?
SPOILER!!: Avalon
Originally Posted by Fireheart View Post
Potions was never a class that Avalon Sinclair actually looked forward to. But the unusual January sunlight this morning brought her a newfound determination. Despite the chill in the air, she had gotten a healthy dose of Vitamin D on her way to class today, and that was all she could really ask for.

As she entered the classroom, she gave Professor Noble a polite nod. "Good day, Professor," she said as she slid onto a stool at the same bench as Claudine, the young Slytherin she had met in Muggle Studies earlier this year. "Hey!" She greeted the first year with a friendly wave. Avalon knew that Claudine was introverted, so she wasn't sure exactly how else to start the conversation. Figuring that a friendly greeting would do, she scanned the room, her eyes widening slightly in alarm as they settled on the stack of paper in front of Professor Noble.

Oh no. Was there some sort of exam today that she had forgotten about? Merlin, please don't let there be a pop quiz today. While Avalon had spent a good amount of time over the holiday break reading over her notes, she did not want to spend all of today's lesson hunched over her parchment, scribbling essays until her hand ached.

“I do hope so, Avalon,” he replied. Though, honestly, the look she gave soon after didn’t reassure him very much. Had someone forgotten to do her homework over the Christmas holidays?
SPOILER!!: Bernadette
Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
Was the professor upset because of her? Was it something she'd done? Did he KNOW about her suspension?! All the professors did, probably. Bernadette felt like she was being watched VERY closely as she slipped into a seat in the back of Potions class, sliding to the bottom of her chair so only her head and neck were visible above the table.

She was not talking to anyone and she hadn't even touched ANYTHING yet. This lion had been TAMED over the break for now.

Noble did, in fact, know about her suspension. One, it was part of his duties as a professor to do so, and two, it would have been rather amiss of him to ignore her lack of attendance without reason. For the moment though, he paid no closer attention to her than he did any of the other students coming in. Though she might find herself under Noble’s watchful eye if she continued skulking so low in her chair at the back like that once the lesson properly began. He’d never been too keen of those trying to hide.
SPOILER!!: Jillian
Originally Posted by hjhm View Post
The Potions classroom here are a lot different than at Hogwarts. As always Jillian is not accustomed to how it is very bright in this school granted it has been mooonths now. Bright and clean mostly. Nope, she enjoys having the Potions classroom in the dungeons... where it belongs. Obviously. She made her way towards the classroom just fine, by now she has memorized where all of them are.

Clenching on the strap of her bag, she enters the room and immediately spots the professor. Surprisingly, even the tables look clean. Must be a theory lesson for today? Not that she would mind but Jillian still likes mixing ingredients. That's all.

Eyeing the professor back, she smiled softly and spoke "Hello, Professor" she uttered after bobbing her head once and heading to the nearest chair she can set her eyes to.

As much as Noble was relishing the abundance of natural light in his classroom, he’d gotten the sense over the last few months that others felt differently. Jillian was one of those people, though perhaps it might be due to the larger physical distance to the potions classroom instead. Whatever the reason, he appreciated that her enthusiasm towards practicals remained. “Hello, Jillian.
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
The only thing that could possibly rattle Eiji upon entering a Potions classroom would be beanbag chairs being juggled by a circus clown. Or something to that degree. But this set up? Completely unfazed. If there was a pop quiz or unannounced exam, he was confident that he would "O" it. But he expected more from the likes of Professor Noble than that and respected him more than to assume the man capable of a lazy tactic to fill a lesson hour by making them take an exam.

No. The evidence was all in the inkwells, quills, and parchment...and whatever that clear liquid was. Whether or not it was an ingredient itself or a completed potion was unknown and he couldn't make anything distinguishing out from where he had set his things down - beside Jillian, who received a hushed 'hey'. Variants on invisible ink, perhaps? Or perhaps magical inks in general? His interest was slightly tickled if for no other reason than, perhaps, unique inks could help with keeping his research private.

Greeting his professor with a firm nod of the head and the HINTS of a smile, he settled in and started preparing his space.

Fortunately for Eiji, the chance of him finding bean bags or a juggling clown in one of Noble’s classroom was zero. In fact, Noble rather looked down on any of his colleagues that thought beanbags had any place in a classroom, finding them only to encourage fidgeting and lolloping – neither of which were particularly conductive to learning.

By now, of course, Noble was well accustomed to the Slytherin’s silence, offering him a nod in return. He had a sense the fifth year might enjoy the investigative nature of today’s class.
SPOILER!!: Daila
Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
"Hello, Professor," she greeted as she entered the room and took her usual seat towards the middle. Noticing the lack of ingredients filling the usual trays, replaced with paper and quills, Daila was curious. Especially since there were vials of clear liquid alongside. Surely that wasn't Vertiserum? Probably not. But the whole setup was odd.

Wait, she hadn't forgotten to study for a test had she...?

Next into the room was Daila, and there was a faint glimpse of a smile at the curious look on the Hufflepuff’s face. “Hello, Daila.”
SPOILER!!: Alexandre
Originally Posted by littledhampir View Post
One thing that Alexandre generally associated with potions was mess. Not that potions was supposed to be messy. Actually it was probably quite the opposite. It was just that when he was the one brewing things tended to get a little messy, no matter how hard he tried to be neat and clean and proper. He was like that whenever he helped his mum cook too. It wasn't his fault that things spilled so easily. He always cleaned everything up at the end so that was what was important, right? Right??

Anyway, the cleanliness and emptiness of the classroom currently made him a little nervous. There wasn't even any equipment and stuff set out. Did that mean they weren't brewing today? As he walked in he gave the professor a smile and a "Hello professor" before going to take his seat. Whatever they were doing today he was going to do his best, he really was.

Funny, Alexandre thought that really…since Noble tended to associate the third year himself with mess. Enthusiasm in spades, but completely chaotic when it came to his workspace. Perhaps he might do a little better today, though Noble somehow doubted it. The boy might find himself late to break time though if there was so much as a drop of ink left on the currently spotless bench. “Hello Alexandre.”
SPOILER!!: Gunnar
Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Gunnar gave the professor a curt nod in greeting as he entered the room, but the lack of supplies gave him a brief moment of pause as he took his usual seat. Were they having an exam today? He had so much going on that it was possible that it slipped his mind, unless Noble was suddenly changing things up in the form of a pop quiz. Little surprised him anymore.

He wasn't too bothered by the idea either way though. Potions might not be his best subject, but at least he did well enough on his OWL to continue taking the subject at NEWT level. The 17 year old was confident he'd at least pass a surprise quiz. But he set about getting out his supplies, preparing himself for whatever they'd be doing for class today.

Noble returned the Prefect’s nod, watching him go to his usual seat for a moment before the classroom door opened once more.
Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Six months... That's what Tina kept telling herself. Six more months, and then she'd be done with Hogwarts and Beauxbatons forever! She couldn't wait for summer and more importantly, fall, when she'd be on her way to university. That thought was the only thing that kept her going now that the holidays were over. A part of her didn't want to come back to school after the holidays, especially not after the way Desmarais treated her, but she wasn't one to quit in the home stretch. So she was here and on her way to Potions class.

At least it was a subject that interested her. This and Herbology were the two classes she absolutely had to pass to pursue a career in magical toxicology... not that she didn't want to pass her other NEWTs as well. Potions and Herbology were just her top priorities. As such, Tina entered the potions classroom alert and ready to learn. "Hello, Professor Noble," she greeted politely, giving him a nod of acknowledgement.

She took her seat at the least crowded table, setting her bag out of the way under her seat. When she looked up, she expected to see the usual trays of potions ingredients on the demonstration desk, but there were none there. Instead, she saw paper, ink, quills, and vials of... some sort of clear substance. She wasn't particularly concerned about the possibility of a pop quiz - she knew she could pass any exam that came up - but her curiosity was piqued by the unusual setup. Maybe there wasn't an exam at all. Maybe they were going to identify the substances in the vials instead. Tina had to admit, that sounded fun! She already had an idea what at least one of the vials contained.

The Ravenclaw looked as alert and on top of things as ever, and Noble got the distinct sense that the NEWTs student felt ready to move on from this place. Perhaps she was, and she was an able potioneer, but there was plenty of the curriculum to cover before then. “Hello, Tina,” he greeted in reply.
SPOILER!!: Lucas
Originally Posted by hermionesclone View Post
There was a time when the brightness of the room threw Lucas off completely. It was a LOT different to what the Potions room looked like at Hogwarts, and it was probably because of this that he seemed less than happy about the setup during previous lessons.

But today, he didn't even bat an eyelash as he walked into the room. He was still....... not very happy about the long work-benches but something told him that that wasn't going to change. Instead, he just glanced over at the Professor - who always looked angry, did he know? - and gave him a small smile. "Hello, Professor." Hi.

His feet steered him towards the emptiest part of the room and took a seat. It was only then that his eyes found the materials at the front of the class and he....... paused.

Did they....... did they have a test today?

Oh merlin. Oh no oh no.

Was it too late to start panicking??

Perhaps Noble did intend to look angry, perhaps he didn’t…who could really tell? He did look a tad bemused as the Gryffindor caught sight of the bottles at the front though. “I’d suggest getting your quill and ink ready, rather than worrying about mine, Lucas.”

After all, if they did have a test, it was much too late to do anything about it.
SPOILER!!: Cecilia
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
If anything was amiss, Cecelia didn't notice, she was WAY too excited. See potions was the REAL deal when it came to being a witch or wizard. You got to MIX stuff and CHOP things and MEASURE and BREW and it was all VERY cool. One wrong move and B O O M, potion explosion. It was the kind of sitting on the edge of your seat situation this first year was all for.

"Hello Professor!" The small blonde was cheerful as she made her way to her seat, ready to see what they'd be doing today. Why did some of the others look kind of nervous? Didn't they know this was going to be fun?

From the nervous Gryffindor to the overly excitable one. “Hello, Cecelia,” he greeted as he watched her move to her seat. He rather hoped that there were fewer wrong moves and even less potion explosions today.
SPOILER!!: Analiese
Originally Posted by SneakySeverusSnape View Post
Analiese entered the room quite quietly and greeted Professor Noble. "Good afternoon, professor.", she said, as she took a seat. She had been very silent after her two week suspension in November. She didn't want any more trouble. She had taken to being even more polite to the French students and their teachers. Although she still had the same hate for Desmarais. She didn't show it, though. She nearly got expelled the last time she tried to.

Thankfully, one term was already over. She didn't want to be here anymore. Couldn't they have gone to Ilvermorny or somewhere they would've been more welcome? She criticised Headmaster Trent's choice in every way she could without showing it at all. All others could see was her staring out of the window while waiting for class to start.

“Let’s hope so,” he replied to the Ravenclaw as she took her seat. He’d noticed she’d not quite been herself since being suspended, and the pointed staring out of the window suggested the Christmas break hadn’t done much to help.
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Professor Noble was like the EPITOME of professorness, and Phoebe was delighted with his class. Like maybe she'd never been able to crack that tough facade, but she got to pretend it was some great game and she was winning. Always winning.

"Good day, Professor!" She eyed the bare desk and minimal supplies. "Are we brewing anything today? Or testing poisons on first years? I volunteer!"
Phoebe got a very professorial look at that question. One of those disapproving ones accompanied by a grumble.. “Why don’t you find a seat and sit on it, Phoebe, and give me chance to start the lesson…and then maybe you’ll find out.”
SPOILER!!: Patrick
Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
By now Noble's Resting Boss Face or RBF neither surprised or intimidated by it anymore. He figured it got stuck like that at one point or another. Now that would be something that would be brutal to deal with for your entire life. Walking over to the bench that he had been sitting at this term he got ready to get comfy and cozy for their class. "Morning Professor" he greeted their professor wit ha smile.

What in the Potions Lab was this stuff on the table. This was bare bones. He was really hoping that it wasn't going to be a scavenger hunt for the required ingredients for the potion, or a quiz. A quiz wouldn't be terrible, but he was not in the mood for one of those now. He just wanted to make the potion he needed to for the course and maybe get some studying done.

“I think you mean afternoon,” Noble corrected with a glance to the clock, as Patrick made his way to his seat. Hopefully that didn’t mean the seventh year had lost track of time in the library and skipped lunch. Concentration was a key part to success in potioneering.

With Patrick settled in his seat, it was time to start the lesson. Noble turned to the blackboard, picked up some chalk, and wrote two words as he spoke them aloud: Forensic Potioneering. It was a topic close to his heart, and he was expecting good things today.

“What is forensics?” he asked as he looked back over the students. “What can we use it for?”
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