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Carys was of two minds when it came to this ball idea. On the one hand, she really wanted to help with the decorations and a part of her wanted to actually go. But on the other hand, she was feeling even more like she was invisible. The nearly awkward conversation with her sister over Christmas hadn’t even helped much, considering Carsyn at least had gotten asked to the ball. Carys was still all by herself, and it was discouraging her from being entirely excited over the proceedings.

Nor did it help that she kept flashing back to how scared she’d been when they had all had to deal with Scrimgeour and the hoops he’d made them jump through only to still be against them. She felt overwhelmingly like they were dealing with the same when it came to the Beauxbatons headmistress, and to an extent, the Beauxbatons professors. One of which was in the ballroom, as she’d entered and quietly given the headmaster and the professors present a smile in greeting, flushing the slightest bit as she’d realized her eyes had kept going to the CoMC professor’s open shirt. Hopefully nobody noticed as she’d made her way over to the changing rooms.

At least she felt like she could gather herself in there, even if she had tried to dress appropriately already. She still changed anyhow, and then made her way over to the register to sign in before heading to an open area to stretch.

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