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No. No no no.

Lucas didnít want to be here. They were having DANCE lessons! He couldnít dance! And even if he tried, he knew that he would only end up embarrassing himself in front of everyone. So why was he here? Because embarrassing himself during a lesson was better than embarrassing himself during the actual ball.

Which he didnít want to go to but that was a problem for another day.

There was a lot of grumbling and contemplating and wondering what would happen if he didnít turn up to either event. But eventually, the fourth year wandered into the ballroom, wearing trousers and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy. Not unlike the ballroom which, as he stood and stared around, was very fancy. Maybe a little too-




Oh? Merlin??

Lucas immediately turned red. Sure, heíd seen Nostredame around the castle many times and was used to his presence by now but...... uh??? Hello?! He wasnít used to THIS. Did no one else see what the man was WEARING?! He was trying not to stare but...... well. It was only making it even more difficult for the boy to concentrate on anything other than the chest region and the loud sound of his wild heartbeat.

Was it suddenly very hot in here? What happened to all the air??

He didnít know how long he had been standing there, opening and closing his mouth, but it was long enough. Trying and failing to look innocent, the fifteen year old wandered off to an empty spot somewhere. He didnít really care where. He wasnít paying attention to any of that or who he might be standing near and if he knew them or not. He was just..... trying to look innocent. And normal. Everything was completely normal.

Which could start with a greeting. "Hello, Headmaster." Pause. "Professor." This was going to be a long lesson, wasnít it?

Could he leave?
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