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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
It had not been the best winter break, quite honestly it had been the worst. No one cared to celebrate the holidays, but they did for the little ones. She had to keep up with the holiday spirit for her children. Helena had come home for a bit and it was nice to have all three girls under the same roof, even if it wasn't for very long. She knew the twins wanted to be with their dad, and she even had spent more time at Wade's trying to help where she could and she celebrated with Bart and his little family.

Now, she was trying to think about work and had sent an owl to Charles if he would meet her for a few things. Yes, it was work-related and she kept telling herself that, but maybe she just needed an outlet away from the family and Charles had been very supportive through everything that had happened. He was still the minster of magic and her boss, so she had brought some papers with her because this needed to be a work meeting.

Sorting through her papers she had thought about a decision she kept internally fighting and it was something she wanted to speak with Charles about as well. Taking a sip of her drink she tried to calm herself and tried to figure out why she felt so nervous.
Work was truly never done for the Minister, though January was being an all-star in giving him the opportunity to take some much needed time for himself. Today was not entirely one of those days, however, though he was managing to give himself an ample lunch break to meet with Victoria outside of the Ministry at the moment. He had some important international affairs to attend to later on and a few experimental tasks to oversee at the request of Airey. The boggart situation plaguing that man a fair bit, which Charles attested to it resonating with the man's paternal instincts he tried so hard to not show. It was endearing. He was intending on giving the man a cookie for his efforts.

Dressed more casual than usual, he needed away from formal robes for just a few hours, he approached the establishment and far too easily spotted her. His heart still ached terribly on her and her family's behalf. The service had been lovely and, to no one's surprise, he had been brought to tears. It was never an easy thing to lose young ones and Charles often blamed himself in darker hours of the day for not pushing Trentulla harder on certain matters. Perhaps, if he had, he could have prevented some of this.

"Victoria," he greeted warmly as he came to a stop beside her table. "Can I get you anything else?" He gestured towards her coffee. "A danish, perhaps?" Since he needed to head inside to order something for himself.

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