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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Chloe was not musically talented, that had all went to her brother and her brother was actually why she was there. She hadn't seen him in a few days and she wanted to check-in. Not that she needed to, she was grown after all, but she felt better when she saw her brothers at least once a day. It was security of knowing they were safe and that she could find them when needed, being the only girl in the family did have its perks and having protective brothers was one of them. Something she hated just a few years ago had come to be a protection she liked to have.

Walking into the room she looked around, Gunnar wasn't in there, but someone else was. She stopped for a moment and watched him. Their year last year had pushed their friendship on a tightrope that was too slippery and they had fallen off. The kiss that happened hadn't helped anything, but she hated the awkward between them, she wanted the friendship back.

'Hey Ewan"
Ewan’s hands froze instantly the voice had said his name, his memory instantly linking it to the face of his blonde haired ‘friend’. He wasn’t sure what had surprised him more, the fact that someone had entered the room and he hadn’t noticed or the fact that it was Chloe, someone who he’d practically not spoken to for a year. A range of emotions flooded his face as he eyed her speculatively, unsure of really what to say or do at this very moment.

“Hey Chloe” That was cool. Right? He really wasn’t one for playing it cool and was absolutely no good at hiding how he felt but he’d managed to. Maybe. Without another word, he forced his fingers to pluck the strings of his ukulele now, hopefully making the interaction between them a little less awkward. The truth was, he missed his friend. A lot. More than he wanted to admit.
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