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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
He almost pulled his hand back when Zita said she would pay, but didn’t and was grateful when he felt her fingers brush his as she took the money. He stupidly stood there for a moment before sitting down. His fingers toyed with the paper bag as he tried to decide if he should eat the treat she had brought him or not. If he was honest, he wasn’t even sure he was going to be able to stomach the cocoa until he was safely back in his lab, let alone anything solid. He reached up, rubbing his neck as if he trying to wipe away something, his mind still replaying the pudding incident. ” Ich bin dumm (I’m being stupid),” he muttered to himself. Surely there wasn’t any pudding in the bag or in the atrium. Whatever it was in there surely couldn’t do too much damage. He pulled open the bag and pulled out the treat.

He smelled the hot chocolate and that scent he associated with Zita before he heard her approach. His head turned slightly in her direction. “Dankeshön,” he said softly. He fiddled with the wrapper around the pastry she had brought as he answered her. ”Nein,” he said shaking his head no. ” I do not often leave mein department.” He put the pastry down and rubbed at his face with both hands, still feeling like he was covered in pudding. ”Last time,” he finally said despite his misgivings that it would just make him look more pathetic in her mind. ” Last time I came up to eat lunch, someone knocked mein food out of mein hands, dumped pudding all over me, laughed, und left me alone to clean it all up.” That was the short of it. It had been more like the man had taunted him in almost a mocking manner as if the man had thought it funny Adam was blind. Worse, it had taken him a long time to get rid of the pudding in his hair, even with a cleaning spell. Sure he had potions explode all the time, but at least in his lab, he knew how to handle things and it wasn’t in front of the entire ministry.

Still looking around she set her eyes back on him. Adam was a very attractive man and she did have fun when with him. He treated her very different than other guys, he was a gentleman, but at times she really couldn't read whether he was that into her. She hadn't had to guess with others, but she never really was respected by others and she felt respected by him. Her mind was going in so many different directions that she had to sip her coffee to try to pull herself in one direction.

She frowned as he told why he didn't come here often, "That is horrible, you would think grown adults could act better than teenagers at school." Truth be told it seemed some adults actually acted worse than what she saw and was part of at school. She may have been on the end of the mean part of the school stuff even if she wasn't proud of that now. "Well I'm here, so nothing like that will happen." She'd make sure no one put pudding on him and just walked away. She'd actually like to see someone try. Her wand would be out so fast.

"I am terribly sorry I bothered you at work."
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