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Post Dan Fogler confirms filming of 'Fantastic Beasts' 3 will begin in February 2020

Dan Fogler confirmed this weekend at a fan convention that filming for Fantastic Beasts 3 will begin this coming February 2020, in the UK which lines in with what other costars (including Eddie Redmayne recently) have said regarding the third installment in J.K. Rowling's prequel pentalogy.

Fogler also commented on his major weight loss, and how that dramatic change in his appearance will be brought up in the third movie, if at all. The reveal can be watched about 30 seconds into the clip below.

Dan Fogler: We start [filming] in February... Last we heard, J.K. has been writing furiously. Everyone was really happy with what she submitted. We're just waiting to read the script, and that's where we're at.
Fantastic Beasts 3 is set for release in November 2021, pushed back a year by Warner Bros.
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