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Cecelia Elizabeth Summers
Second Year

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Emilia Espinosa
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Mariana Medina
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Cecelia certainly wasn't going to pass up THAT offer, so the first year headed right over to the fountain to claim herself a bubble wand which she spent the remainder of her free time using to make the biggest bubbles she could manage. There was just something SO calming about watching bubbles float through the air, there was.

Most people had already offered facts about jinxes that SHE would've said, so the first year had to think extra hard to come up with an answer that didn't feel like she was copying someone else. When she'd thought of something, the small blonde raised her bubble wand brandishing hand and gave her answer. "Well, I know there are counter-spells for jinxes AND spells that can prevent jinxes from harming you, too." That was something, wasn't it? "Oh! And I'd probably use a jinx against someone in a duel." Were they dueling today? COULD they?
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