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Lucas glanced over at one of the fountains - the closest fountain - and then at one of the wands that was sitting there. Could he help himself? Was Trent encouraging him to help himself? That wasnít a BAD thing, right? No. The man was generally calm and unless there were creepy creatures hidden in here, he was sure some extra bubbles wasnít going to do him any harm.

With this thought in mind, the Gryffindor shuffled over to the closest fountain and picked up one of the spare wands. Blowing bubbles didnít take any brainpower. None whatsoever. And he still didnít know what they had to do with a Defence lesson but he was too busy blowing bubbles to care.

It was only when Trent started talking that he lowered the wand and considered the question that the man was asking. Jinxes? Huh. There were a few answers coming in but none caused him to widen his eyes quite like Carsynís answer over there. Jinxing someone because of a ball?? Uh???


Lucas shook his head slightly and raised his hand - wand and all - up in the air. "Youíre supposed to maintain eye contact on your target when casting one of these." Which he always found difficult to do. "I guess you could use it defensively, you know? To protect yourself before you even get attacked." Example? "Like the Anti-Intruder Jinx to repel intruders. Stop them before they get the chance to take anything."
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