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"Uh..." Bubbles? Yes, they were everywhere. Did he want to join in with making them? "... I'm good, thank you." Did it make him a killjoy if he wasn't interested in the bubbles? Not really, as he didn't mind anyone else having fun.

Also, if he started making bubbles there would be no way that he'd be able to focus on the lesson at the same time. He'd never actually used a bubble wand before, so it would surely take all of his attention. No. Best not. Especially as the lesson was now starting.

Jinxes. Well, there was one jinx and its appropriate circumstances that sprang to mind, given the bubbles that were everywhere, but when Kaiser raised his hand, he went for a more general answer. "They are the least severe dark spell, and usually more 'amusing'-" He did finger quotes here. "-than the other kinds, but they can still be useful in times that you are under threat but do not want to harm the threatening person. If you think they are already cursed, maybe. Like Imperiused." The same could go for hexes too, Kaiser supposed, but that didn't discount the use of jinxes. "The Trip Jinx, for example, does not do any magical damage." Which, as far as Kaiser knew, was more difficult to deal with than bumps, bruises, or broken bones.

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