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Whats a jinx? What circumstance would ever make you decide to use one?
Razz had no intention of not going noticed at his favorite subject, so despite being slightly distracted by all the bubbles, his hand shot up almost immediately at the sound of the first question of the day.

"A jinx, sir, is one of the three types of dark charms, the others being hexes and curses. Jinxes are, as far as I remember, the least severe of the three, but generally cause some sort of malicious or mischievous effect." he proudly stated, perhaps a little bit too sure of himself. As he gave the second part of the question a quick ponder, he may have begun to slightly second guess himself, but it was too late to take back the answer. All he could do at this point was hope it was correct. Or at least not too wrong. Either way, the question was twofold and it wouldn't do to answer just the one part, so off he went:

"If I had to escape from a pursuer, perhaps. If I was in some immediate danger, I could use a jinx to hinder my attacker, cause a distraction or protect myself. I could, uh.. use the knockback jinx, for example." He struggled to come up with a good example of how exactly he'd use the jinx, but he was certain he'd read of several clever and ingenious uses of all manners of jinxes when it came to self-defense. With several bubbles swarming him as he spoke, he looked rather silly, and given his inability to waft them away, one could be forgiven for thinking that, in a danger-scenario, he wouldn't even remember the knockback jinx existed, let alone cast it.

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