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Default How did you know this would draw me in like a moth to a lamp?
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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!

Rapunzel Ariel Black-Lee was here with her Santa hat, Santa apron, and little Santa oven mitts, ready to bake up a storm! She was no Cookie girl, but she was athletic and enthusiastic about sugar, so that was... something! The former Chaser and coach for the Chudley Cannons had needed no introduction, really. Some of the viewers probably recognized her, even though she hadn't been on the pitch in a hot minute. Punz was used to the limelight, but she did falter slightly when all eyes were suddenly turned toward her. What's my line again?

"Ho ho hello!" she began, attempting her best Santa chuckle. No one was chuckling with her though, so it was awkward. "I'm Rapunzel Ariel Black-Lee," because yes, she did always go by her full name, "and you may recognize me from the most winning seasons the Chudley Cannons ever had! But today I'm here to rep all the home bakers out there who have walked into Honeydukes and thought, 'I could make that!' Yes, at home I am just like you! I won't make any promises because I don't like to keep score in the kitchen, but as we say on the pitch... " She paused for dramatic effect and also to flash her brilliant smile at the camera. "Let's all just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!" She laughed with a toss of her blonde hair and mimed crossing the two fingers on her oven mitt, holding her fake laugh until the host moved on to the next person.

Whew, alright. She could breathe again!
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