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Eiji had been on his way to the giant chess board when he passed along the area. He still didn't actually know how to play chess, but Mark had someone sparked an interest in him a while back - not that he would admit to this - and he figured he may as well keep learning something in between his OWL study sessions. Keep the brain functioning and everything. He wasn't sure if these pieces moved on their own as they did in the fabled tale of Harry Potter...but he was going to find out. Maybe he could even charm them to talk and teach him.

As long as they spoke English. The moment any French was uttered, the Slytherin was bouncing.

Lost in thought, Eiji was hardly paying attention to where he was walking and was completely taking off guard when his feet suddenly STOPPED. In fact, his forward momentum was so confident that the rest of him did NOT stop...and the next thing he knew he was sprawled out across the floor, arms pinned against his chest and hands trapped as well.

....his cheek too.

Push as he might, his hands and CHEEK were glued to the floor and it HURT to try and pull himself free. He didn't even have a hope in reaching his wand in his back pocket since, well, HE HAD NO BLOODY HANDS TO USE!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" he roared in frustration.

This. Was. Humiliating.

sometimes the only payoff for having any faith is when it's tested again and again every day....
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