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Default Gladrags is proud to present: The Snatcher Camp!

Are you up to no good? Or are you up to only good?

Whether you're fiendish or friendly, your Gladrags Wizardwear team have got a truly diabolical event just for you. For the month of October, join us over at the Snatcher Camp: Diabolical Duality for a collection of creative endeavours inspired by, you guessed it, the Snatchers of the Harry Potter universe.

Duality is a theme that's deeply rooted in Harry Potter, whether it's obvious or not. Everything from the characters and their intentions to the nature of choices and the way they shape your persona have a sense of duality about them. And what better way to celebrate that than creatively, with a variety of activities that are bound to push your levels of creativity?

So come and jump right in if you're up for a diabolical challenge...
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