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Interesting. Lex nodded along as he made his case, silently summoning his file from the cabinet. A move to Auror? Well they could certainly use more of those. The world could never be "too safe" and Jake had always been the reliable sort. In the brief silence that fell between them, Alexa took the time to skim the folder. It was all there, documented. Dated but documented all the same.

"Twenty years is a long time to be away from the YATI training. There's been a few changes made to the program since then." She admitted. Shutting the file once she'd seen enough.

"But you've obviously got some experience." Some because of his current division. He hadn't exactly been Auroring for the last stretch of time and everyone could admit the roles had their differences. "I also don't believe you'd find it too difficult to catch up...but." Because there had to be a but here. Surely even he was expecting the "but". "I'd like you to have a few refresher courses. Not three whole years, that would be a waste of your time and the Department's. It's not necessary. Six months, unless you think you need the year. Get yourself re-caught up, we'll have you evaluated and talk about the move then."

If he was up for that, they could work out the smaller details.
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