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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
[...]Obviously there was some sort of message he was trying to convey, but the department head was not parsing it together. Still, she could understand that help was probably needed, so she gestured to the nearest Ministry worker, one who had also been accosted by the owl. "Come with me. Someone needs some help."

And she turned to the owl again, shaking him off her arm. "Alright, then! Lead the way!"
It appeared that the fates really did not want Valentin to enjoy a decent cup of coffee from the Atrium coffee cart. Because as Valentin tried to walk past the fountain, cappuccino in hand, he was accosted by an owl. He had managed to side-step it’s following antics and was about to take up a seat nearby when a hand reached out and grabbed him.

” Quoi!!” he exclaimed. Somehow he managed not to drop or spill the coffee. "Moi? Tu dois plaisanter… " but as he tried to find a place to put his coffee down, he had a feeling he wasn’t going to get out of helping this woman. Producing hsi wand from his inner suit coat pocket. ”What eez goéng on? Should wé send fair anyoné élsé?”he asked remembering to speak in English.

But the lady was already following the owl to an exit. Oh lord…Valentin might just stay behind if he had to squeeze into that phone booth with a smelly animal and a lady he didn’t know.
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