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When I was pint sized and The Little Mermaid was fresh in the world, I would sit chin deep in a bubble bath and sing my lungs out. The first tape cassette I ever owned was this soundtrack, the first princess I idolized was Ariel. I think I still know every word to every song, that's how engrained it was. As I got older, I fell for other princesses and soundtracks and I started to believe (rightfully so) that Ariel was my least favorite Disney princess. She's a BABY who runs away from home and trades away SO MUCH because she saw some pretty boy on a boat. My inner feminist shivers. My inner helicopter mother cringes.

But I read an article recently that reminded me about why TLM is so so charming and good and groundbreaking. It was the birth of the Disney Renaissance (see Kath's last proclamation) - it moved into a new generation of Disney musicals that led to all the movies YOU BABIES grew up with and it saved an empire (basically, Disney was about to go broke). TLM changed everything. Maybe it's not some feminist masterpiece, but it is STILL a masterpiece and you can see the big footprints (tailprints?) it left that led to all subsequent Disney animated musicals.
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