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Jasper allowed himself a smile. "No, you say it just fine," he replied. She had maybe been a little heavy on the 'ah', but then, so had he. The rest was there. Despite the fact it was rather difficult for him to say the English variation of his own name, it was still marginally better than hearing people - especially the English, but others too - try to call him 'Gaspard'.

And fail.

Which they usually did.

Not that he resented that or even blamed them but... yes.

"Yasmin. Yassi," he repeated the names back to her, a way of trying to cement them into his memory. "A lovely name." Both lovely names, actually, but yes. Jasper went to take another sip of orange and mango, then had a thought. "Did I butcher it?" It would be terribly bad form for her to be so invested in pronouncing his name correctly, only for him to fail to repay the favour.
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