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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
Adam may not show it, but he hated having to ask for help. He had come to terms with the fact that he needed to ask, but coming to terms with something didn’t make it any easier. Just the simple act of asking Zita to lead him across the room left him feeling slightly devitalized. Perhaps if he had been born blind, he wouldn’t feel the same way, but here he was…being led around by the hand in a manner that made him feel like he was two years old again. He hadn’t come up here often when his eyesight had been fine, and he came up here even less now that he could hardly make out anything at all. In the silence that stretched between them, memories of the last time he had tried to socialize in the food court overwhelmed him and he could almost feel the sticky drip-drip-plop of the pudding dribble down the back of his neck and the echoes of that jerk’s laughter in his ears. Would that happen out here? If so, would Zita help him? Or would she laugh at him? Was she going to lead him out into the middle of the room and then bolt, leaving him to fend for himself? A hundred other scenarios ran through his head and his breath seemed to lodge in his throat, choking him. He wanted to let go of Zita’s hand and turn and scurry back to his potions lab.

The sound of her voice partially pulled him out of his distress and he felt compelled to see this surprise outing through. He still didn’t fully understand why Zita had come and more importantly why she seemed mad at him. He hadn’t done anything wrong and yet he felt terribly guilty somehow. Like he owed her flowers and candy and an apology. His confusion over her reaction in the Entry Chamber did little to help qualm the fears bubbling inside. ”Okay,” he somehow managed to croak out. ”I’m sure vou have other zings to do.”

But in spite of his determination to see Zita receive her promised coffee, Adam found that after a few steps into the room, his feet had stopped. He only realized it when Zita’s hand tugged on his. Without his sunglasses to hide behind, Adam’s pale face looked a little green and his soft blue eyes were big and wide. He felt another tug and, swallowing, forced himself to march on behind her. He was surprised to hear the scrape of a chair on tile and realized she had led him, not to the coffee cart as he had expected, but to a place to sit. Again, trying to fight off the feeling of feebleness, Adam set his jaw and put the paper bag down on the table. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a few coins which he held out to her. If she wasn’t going to let him order his own drink, he was at least going to pay for them. In his palm was enough money for both their drinks. ”Hot chocolate, bitte,” he said simply. After Encephalon subjugation, Adam couldn’t touch coffee anymore.
She was really hoping that the coffee would help her mood. She still felt her stomach in her throat from the spinning, no need to see an amusement park anytime soon, all one had to do was go have fun in this stupid building. Why was the ministry so annoying to her? She had come for her NEWTS and was fine, but after the bowling, after the minister acted the way he did and then that spinning room, she had no use for this place, but as she watched Adam pull out the money she felt something pull, she had come for him, she had come to bring him a treat, the room wasn't his fault. If she had told him she was coming he probably would have warned her, but she wanted to what... surprise him?

"I can get it." Though she reached out and took the money, she didn't want to argue with him and looking at his face closely she could see he was anxious. Maybe she should just go, maybe this was the worst idea.

She turned and headed to the cart though, getting him the hot chocolate and her the coffee. Once she returned she placed the hot chocolate and his change on the table in front of him and took a seat. "It is really hot so be careful." She looked around the place, it wasn't too busy. "Do you come here often? I mean I guess you probably do since you work here."
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