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"You've got no idea." Lex grimaced, allowing her head to sink to her desk, resting atop folded arms. "Men are idiots. No offense, of course." No. She actually liked Jake. He made sense and wasn't a nuisance. He didn't try to assert some sort of male "dominance" and didn't have a tremendous ego that needed constant babysitting. Jake was good people.

Lex took a breath, just enough to properly clear her head before lifting it again to take a proper look at him. "Sit wherever you want. It's all the same to me." There were enough chairs and a comfy couch. He could make himself sorta at home for as long as this took...but...this wouldn't take long...yeah? Her head hurt.

The former Head Auror clasped her hands, resting them on the desk before her. "So. What were you hoping to go over?"

New case info? Insubordinates? Pay raise?
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