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Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Look at that.

His influence.

Jasper broke into a smile to match hers, and took a sip from his own cup while she poured one for herself. "I personally believe sweet is best when it comes from fruit." He wasn't much of an actual-sweet-eater, with his one exception being chocolate. Melted chocolate, specifically. It... mm, no... no, no, he wasn't going to think about it. He was being healthy. With juice.

An introduction seemed like the next logical step. "I am Jasper." Extra heavy accent on the name; he couldn't help it. It would have been much easier to say 'Gaspard', but Jasper had never introduced himself as such outside of France. It was just how he liked to operate.
Yassi tucked her black ringlets behind her ear, nodding in agreement. "It is certainly a healthier way to satisfy a sweet-tooth." Though was this juice healthy? Probably not. She didn't want to be that person, so she kept the thought to herself, but there were probably artificial sweeteners and sugars mixed in. This did not bother her though, she didn't mind either way. Life was far too short to get hung up on the details. She would much rather indulge and enjoy her time on earth, you know?

His accent made it difficult for her to understand, though her own accent was just as foreign. It was watered down over time, but one could still tell she was not an English native. "Jah-sper," she paused. "Did I butcher it?" It was always important to clarify, there was nothing more disrespectful than mispronouncing someone's name.

It was her turn now, yes? "I am Yasmin, but most everyone calls me Yassi." Except for her parents who used the traditional Yah-sah-meen. She couldn't possibly expect that from others though.

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