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Vitani needed a break! She’d been unpacking boxes of new merchandise for hours, only stopping when the growling of her stomach reminded her she’d missed her regular lunch hour. Now with her usual order from the Leaky, a turkey cheddar sandwich and pumpkin juice, in hand, she started to make her way to the seating area when the sound of shattering glass caught her attention. Her dark head whipped around in the direction of the sound, and she saw...Blink, blink. Were her eyes deceiving her?

She shook her head and looked again, and it was still there, clear as day. A centaur. In the middle of the Leaky Cauldron. Apparently throwing a tantrum.The shock of the sight nearly made her drop her lunch. A million questions ran through her mind. Where had the centaur come from? Why was he here? And what had upset him to the point of destroying furniture? She had a distinct suspicion that this had something to do with the situation at Hogwarts.

Once Vitani’s initial confusion wore off, panic set in. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope! This was too much for her. Oh Merlin, she could barely handle her own daughter’s temper tantrums. How could she be expected to handle that of a creature several times her size? If the centaur did that to the tables and chairs, she didn’t want to know what he could do to her! Oh, what she wouldn’t give to be back in New York or Paris or literally anywhere but here right now. But here she was, so she decided to do for the centaur what she would’ve done for Aliyah: give him some space to get it out of his system.

She backed away slowly and quietly until… CLINK. Her high heels made contact with a piece of broken glass on the floor. The petite African woman stood paralyzed with fear. Had the centaur heard that? What would he do if he did?
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