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Originally Posted by Syd View Post
The lake had her favorite spot at Hogwarts last year, so of course Anna had to see if the one here was as good. It was pretty, at least. She wasn’t going to swim in it, though.

She was playing with her scarf absentmindedly as she walked, when she caught sight of a familiar face down by the water. Anna wasn’t sure if she should go over to Cecelia uninvited, but decided after a moment to do just that. To see how she was doing being away from home, and stuff. Because that was the nice thing to do.

“Hi,” she said brightly, helping herself to a spot on the ground next to the other girl. “Do you mind if I sit with you?”
Cecelia was a little lost in a daydream when she heard a voice that was NOT in her head and the blonde blinked, turning to see Anna standing there. "Hi! I don't mind at all." Actually, the first year thought Anna was quite cool. She was OLDER and she knew things Cece didn't, which made her SUPER wise. Plus she was nice, which the blonde really liked about her. They were born to be friends, obviously.

"So, you like this place okay?"
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