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Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
There was another person, and that was perfectly fine with Jasper; he seemed to spend half of his life either sequestering himself among the the prophecy orbs down on level ten (or studying the skills that would help him know how to make said orbs) that it was always nice to interact with another person.

He shifted slightly to the side, subconsciously moving over just in case he was in the way of a flavour she was eyeing up.

"Mango, yes," he replied, in his strong French accent. Oh, but peach? Why did that sound so appealing? "Mango and orange, it is very refreshing. The peach, is it good?"

She reached forward to pour herself a glass, but paused. His words were just about all the convincing she needed to pour herself a glass of mango and orange instead of the berry juice she had reached for just moments before. Again, she smiled warmly, this time in thanks. Refreshing was needed, especially today when the work seemed to drag on and on.

"Quite," she nodded, filling up her glass. "But very sweet, which I do enjoy, though perhaps it is not to everyone's taste." The mango and orange was sweet too, however.

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