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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Kendra was fairly sure she had fixed the atmosphere charm that had somehow gone wrong in her office, the evidence of softly fallen snow on her shoulders and in her hair beginning to melt. It was starting to seem a little strange, these mild charms mishaps here and there lately, but she supposed that happened time and again. It was just a little more than annoying, but thankfully she had such a strong charms background that she could take care of certain things herself should the need arise.

But once she had her office sorted, the Transportation department head needed a minute to herself. It took a hot minute to get the weather regulated again and she thought it a good idea to take a walk to clear her head. Though the noise emanating from the atrium did little to calm her nerves.

Turning her head towards the cacophony, Kendra placed her hands on her hips as she eyed up the snowy owl. An owl flying through the Ministry wasn't such a surprising sight to her, but his outburst seemed out of place. Who was he delivering a message to? Was he lost? "Well, what is it?" she asked of him as if expecting an answer.
Waful was going to begin dive bombing heads and snatching off toupees if he did not receive the attention he needed. Thankfully for all the toupees of the Ministry, a woman appeared - though the snowy owl was not accustomed to her tones and therefore could not fully understand her. What the owl did know was that his master needed help...and from more than just one woman.

So, in what would go down in history as the first performance of owl charades at the Ministry of Magic, Waful gave his most valiant attempt at relaying the situation to the woman.

First, naturally, came a swooped down to her robes (and hair) and then tugged aggressively to portray his need for her to come with. But then the snowy owl also swooped around the Atrium and grabbed at random people to try and convey that there was a need for many. Swooping back towards the woman, his beak tugged on her left sleeve - assuming it was also her wand hand as it was his master's - and then performed several figure eights in the air before her in rabid succession one beside the other.

Figure eight...eight was all very obvious to the owl.
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