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Post Universal Studios Beijing's Wizarding World of Harry Potter confirmed to open in 2021

Finally, the team at Universal Parks and Resorts confirmed that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will open at Universal Studios Beijing, set to unveil to the public sometime in 2021.

Tom Williams, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Parks and Resorts, recently revealed this information about Universal Studios Beijing at a Comcast Corporation 2019 Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference call.

I keep reminding myself in less than two years, about a year-and-a-half from now, we will be open in Beijing, China with a fabulous resort. It will be the largest park we have ever built. You know, you just don't show up in China and build a park. You have to go through, I have been going over there for 16, 17 years building relationships and Brian's been very helpful in that regard as well. And we were invited and so we have got a fabulous parcel of land, a thousand acres.

It will have the 1,200 rooms to begin with, located in two different locations. It's got a great location going for it. It's got Harry Potter. It's got Transformers. It's got Minions. It's got Hollywood. It's got Jurassic Park with new rides that we have never done before. I mean it's a terrific line-up giving weight to the winter weather in Beijing for about a month. It's got colder temperatures in Osaka. Our park in Osaka open 12 months of the year. So we know we are going to get wintertime visitation.

But indifference to it, two-thirds of the attractions are indoors. About 40% of the total park facilities are completely indoors. Now there is a Kung Fu Panda Land, it's 100% indoors. The rides are indoors. The shops are indoors. It's all indoors. And so we think that ratio of the total park capacity aligns nicely with the expected visitation on those cold, cold days. You wouldn't need it any more because not that many more people are going to come. So we think we planned it correctly.
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