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The Other Potter
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Name: rather not say, just The Other Potter
Hobbies & Interestsrama, singing, reading, the usual.
Favorite band/musician: agh god, where to start. twenty one pilots? Alec Benjamin?
Favorite food:Whatever I'm in the mood for
Fave non-HP movie:What we did on our holiday
Fave non-Hp book: either the book thief or the princess bride.
Fave HP book:GoF or OotP
Fave HP movie:See above
Fave character(s) and why:James potter sr. he was a douche in high school, and then turned out ok as an adult. I think thats what I need to focus on as well. possibly also mcgonagall. love that woman, I have so much respect for both her and dame Maggie smith.
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