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Jake had always been a smart one, ever since she’d met him back when she joined the department. Merlin, that felt like a lifetime away, didn’t it? She could hardly remember that time...and was all still there...some moments more striking and vivid than others. Jake, here, knew offices weren’t her style and his chances of finding her there when she didn’t need to be was pretty up in the air.

Today had been one full of meetings, but knowing he’d wanted a word, Lex was sure to schedule them around him. In fact, seconds after his knock, the door swung open and a group of men in suits made their way from her office.

It was impressive timing, they’d just done wrapping up.

Through the open door, she gestured him in while she straightened everything into something of a neat pile.

The men barely spare him a glance before disappearing down the corridor.
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