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Brittany was coming to the end of her morning jog. The trees up ahead looked like a great place to stop and catch her breath, maybe stretch a little. As she neared, she slowed and then stopped under a big oak. She did a little hop, then a twist and began stretching out her muscles.

As she stretched out her arms, she tilted her head back to look up into the tree. Funny, the leaves looked like they were moving, but there hadnít been much of a breeze today.
One of the little bowtruckles noticed the girl and watched from behind leaf, if she stayed where she was he would stay in his place. His two friends didn't feel the same way though, they squinted their little eyes and watched as she looked up at them. Staying in place for now they just watched her, but if she made even one little move they were going to fight for their new home. No one was taking them from their new tree.

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