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Originally Posted by BOWTRUCKLES! View Post
Being forced away from their trees was one thing, but the little Bowtruckles were certain they would find a new play to call home and after jumping from different trees and not finding the right fit for one reason or the next they found a few nice trees to climb and some yummy wood lice to eat.

This place seemed to fit what they needed for now so they made themselves at home.
Brittany was coming to the end of her morning jog. The trees up ahead looked like a great place to stop and catch her breath, maybe stretch a little. As she neared, she slowed and then stopped under a big oak. She did a little hop, then a twist and began stretching out her muscles.

As she stretched out her arms, she tilted her head back to look up into the tree. Funny, the leaves looked like they were moving, but there hadnít been much of a breeze today.

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