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Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
Ha ha ha. Ho ho ho. "Food makes my belly happy. I'm an all around pleasant guy when I'm around food." Which was why dinner on a date was always how he got a second date. Tactics. Theo span a chair to sit on it and patted the one beside it indicating that she should sit. His lap was also available if she was opposed to wooden chairs, though. Always helpful.

"Press the start button. You'll get an info screen to help you before I beat you." Because she wasn't just playing alone. No way was he going to miss out on looking both helpful and talented.
Again, she would argue that he was quite pleasant now and he didn't have food. But also again, she didn't argue. "I have a hard time believing you'd ever be unpleasant." With a personality as vibrant as his. She had only just met him, yes, but she could tell. He had an uplifting soul. Yassi was quite good at picking up on vibes. And his vibe was one full of spirit.

She hesitated for a moment before making way to sit on the chair he offered, giving him a sheepish smile and quiet "thank you," as she sat. "You are very confident," she smiled, pressing the 'start' button as instructed and leaning forward to read the instructions. "It is not too complicated?" Because she was really looking for a brain breather, a refreshing break. Not one that involved too many buttons and confusing moves. Playing this game was meant to juxtapose the work she had waiting for her in the office.

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