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Originally Posted by Waful the Snowy Owl View Post
Heading his master's instructions, Waful managed to squeeze himself into the red human box alongside a very confused someone who tried swatting at him with her handbag until the owl was able to fly out of the box and into wider spaces.

Zipping, loopty looping, and screeching, Waful did everything he could to draw attention to himself. The snowy owl was no Rough Collie dog, but he would do given the circumstances.
Kendra was fairly sure she had fixed the atmosphere charm that had somehow gone wrong in her office, the evidence of softly fallen snow on her shoulders and in her hair beginning to melt. It was starting to seem a little strange, these mild charms mishaps here and there lately, but she supposed that happened time and again. It was just a little more than annoying, but thankfully she had such a strong charms background that she could take care of certain things herself should the need arise.

But once she had her office sorted, the Transportation department head needed a minute to herself. It took a hot minute to get the weather regulated again and she thought it a good idea to take a walk to clear her head. Though the noise emanating from the atrium did little to calm her nerves.

Turning her head towards the cacophony, Kendra placed her hands on her hips as she eyed up the snowy owl. An owl flying through the Ministry wasn't such a surprising sight to her, but his outburst seemed out of place. Who was he delivering a message to? Was he lost? "Well, what is it?" she asked of him as if expecting an answer.
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