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Kaiser was not in the least bit tempted to open his eyes, even as Fuller-Thomson returned the greeting and the other students started filtering into the classroom. Not until he heard Gunnar's voice, at which point his blinked his eyes open, a little confused about what his dorm-mate was talking about.

But only for a couple of seconds, until he noticed all the first years that happened to be nearby, and he gave a start of surprise. This - the whole being surrounded by eleven year olds thing - happened alarmingly often, which Kaiser supposed he should have expected as there were just so, so many this year.

"Shut up," he muttered to Gunnar, though in a good-natured sort of way, and smiled vaguely back at that one Ravenclaw kid.

Now that he was, uh, slightly more awake, Kaiser straightened up slightly, but still continued to lean against the wall. He kept his eyes open this time, though reluctantly. Lucky, too, because the whirlwind plant-licker that he had, by now, discovered went by the name of Phoebe, came crashing in. Literally. Like, into him, a little bit. He would have tried to help steady her so she didn't end up falling, but one of the other first years had that covered. Kaiser just kind of... blinked, and pretending like nothing had happened.

The start of the lesson was a good distraction. Kind of. It was just a shame it required paying attention and everything.

Uhh... right. Spell accuracy. That... was this a trick question? Kaiser was starting to feel like it was a trick question; apparently he didn't trust the idea of being presented with a question that he actually knew the answer to. Hmm.

All the same, he half raised his hand. "If you are not accurate with the wand movement or incantation, nothing may happen at all. It would be like trying a spell that does not exist."
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