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Default Transfiguration Lesson 1

Nope, you haven’t accidentally stumbled into the hall of mirrors. Yep, this is definitely the disused classroom where Professor Barlow is ready to crack on with not only the last lesson of the day but the last lesson of the week. You might have that Friday feeling but slacking off today could result in messy consequences.

All desks have been temporarily vanished and in the space they once occupied, you’ll instead find a large semi-circle made up of individual, full-length mirrors. Hopefully you’re not having a bad hair day.

“Come in, come in, find yourself a mirror to stand in front of,”
Barlow brightly instructs as you enter, “we’ll be starting shortly.”
OOC: Hello and welcome to the first RPed Transfiguration class of the term! Gonna be moving things forward in 24 hours give or take (: Class has started!

Class Progression
Greetings and Question 1
Replies and Question 2
Replies and Mini Activity
Replies and Main Activity (section 1)
Main Activity (section 2)