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Yet another Charms lesson.

Sometimes, Claudine felt as though she wasn’t good enough at doing magic but then she remembered she was only eleven years old. Learning magic took time and she would have to be patient (even though sometimes she felt that was an impossible task). Today, she was prepared to learn, prepared to focus. She was in a good mood even if the serious look on her face said otherwise.

“Good day, Professor,’’ Claudine said somewhat stiffly. She was still a little miffed that her Head of House had settled for the Slytherins having a broom closet as a common room. Maybe he had fought valiantly for a different outcome, maybe he had not. As it was, Claudine would settle for being grumpy about the entire thing.

And… where were the chairs and desks? Was the question of the day as she went to stand in a corner by herself. Also, was Kaiser that popular? Claudine rolled her eyes when Gunnar mentioned him having a fan club. She shuddered mentally and physically at the thought of having so much attention on her.
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