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Rylee was still in the best of moods. It may have been well over a month now since being here at Beauxbaton but there was nothing she didn't like about this place. Okay, well maybe she didn't like not having her cats here with her but that was about it. Everything else was much easier to overlook and if she were to be quite honest, cutting back on all those lessons she didn't need anymore so she could focus on her future career was the best thing for her.

Entering the classroom there was a spring in her step and a warm smile on her face. "Hello, Professor, I hope you're doing well today." She hoped everyone was doing well. Rylee was most definitely chipper and if she was lucky some of her happiness would rub off on those around her that needed it.

Ummm... no desks or chairs. While this wasn't highly unusual for a lesson it didn't peak her curiosity. Moving more towards the center of the room, Rylee glanced around looking for any clues that may lead to what they would be learning today. Her gaze slowly settled on the ceiling. Oh, well isn't this interesting.

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