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Just like that, bunny catching was over. Somewhere between all the darting around and trying to capture the bunnies to return them to their cage, Rylee had lost count in how many her team had actually successfully captured. Luckily it didn't much seem to matter right now.

Oooooh, a game of freeze tag! Now this was going to be fun! Without any thought about it she made her way over to the PURPLE team. It was her favorite color if she had to choose one and still at sixteen she managed to wear something that was purple each and everyday. Today's item being a purple ribbon that was braided into a bit of her hair. Not that it was important for this task but who knew... maybe it was? No, really it wasn't.

There wasn't much time for chatter buuuuuuut... in order for them to do well they needed to know how to protect themselves. "Anyone need help with casting the Shield Charm or Finite? Finite can used to end the Sticking Hex." That being said removed her wand from it's holster on her wrist and quickly tossed up a 'Protego' around herself and whoever on her team was closest to herself for the moment.

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